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why preserve your dress?

Precious garments deserve special attention. Sheldon offers the best of care by helping you preserve your most treasured mementos for years to come. We provide cleaning options for wedding gowns and formal wear along with wedding gown preservation.

Prevent irreversible fabric damage for the future

When you choose Sheldon Cleaners to preserve your wedding dress, you can rest assured that your gown is in good hands. From the stains and spills you might have made on your special day to the potential damage done in the future, our cleaning and preservation process guarantees a safe and satisfactory result. Storing your dress by yourself runs the risk of it being damaged by water or moisture from the garment bag, by your kids or pets if they get ahold of it, or by yellowing naturally.

Allow your loved ones the opportunity to wear your gown

If you have a daughter or someone that know and love, the day may come when they have the opportunity to wear your wedding dress. When that time arrives, even if they choose to invest in their own dress, how wonderful would it be to at least offer your own? It would be devastating to have to tell them no because your dress was no longer in prime condition. Simply having the option down the road can make all the difference in the world.

a professional cleaning will increase its value

If you end up deciding to sell your wedding dress, you wouldn’t be the only one. Between the expense you have put into it, not wearing it again yourself, and not passing it down if you are not able to, there are plenty of reasons to try and get something back for your dress. If you want to make some of your money back by selling your dress after your wedding, proper cleaning and preservation will offer you the best value.

Create a tangible memory of your wedding day

Your wedding day is meant to be one of the happiest days of your life—if not the happiest. From this day though, how much of it can you actually look back on and remember? Sure, you’ll have the photos and personal memories, but how much will be tangible? Allowing us to clean and preserve your dress will not only help maintain the beauty of your dress but will give you an elegant way to present it as well.

Our preservation sealed packaging allows you to view the gown and veil at anytime

you wish without compromising the seal - protecting the gown from mold, insect

damage, oxidation and mildew. This sealed box is placed inside of an outer shell,

to give the gown extra protection for decades to come.


Read more about wedding gown preservation in our FAQ section.

For more information about wedding gown preservation services in Grand Rapids,

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Frequently asked questions

What is the process of preserving a wedding dress?

  1. We clean the wedding dress by hand to remove dirt and stains. Once it has been cleaned and pressed, then the dress is packaged with acid-free tissues into an acid-free box. The use of acid free packaging helps keep the wedding dress from yellowing throughout the years.
  2. The packaging contains an outer and inner box; both are used to block out air impurities from getting in and settling on the gown. The inner box has a film window so you can view your dress whenever you want, without breaking the seal. As long as the inner box remains sealed and stored in the correct conditions, the preservation will last from 20-25 years before having to be re-boxed.
  3. The preservation box is not airtight however, and the reasoning for that is so the fabric is not “choked” off from air. Fabric needs to be able to breathe and if it can’t it hardens and feels “crispy”.
  4. We are also able to put a variety of mementos from your special day to see in the display window, from veils and shoes to invitations and more, if you can think it, we've probably boxed it!

How much does it cost to clean and/or preserve a wedding dress?

Wedding Dress Cleaning: $150 and up Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation: $200 and up *Extra items such as, long trains, veils, slips etc, are an extra cost.

Do I have to schedule an appointment?

You do not have to schedule an appointment to have your wedding dress cleaned or preserved, just bring it in to any Sheldon location near you!

How long does it take to clean or preserve my dress?

The typical turnaround time to have your dress cleaned or preserved is 2-3 weeks. If you need it done sooner, please contact our main plant, based on production we may be able to get it back to you quicker.