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sheldon laundry

Tired of doing laundry? Not enough time in the day? Choose life over laundry!

When bringing your laundry to Sheldon Cleaners you can rest assured that your items are in experienced, professional, and caring hands. First, your clothes are sorted and separated while we verify that all items are machine washable. Next, we wash and dry your clothing separate from all other customers, according to your preferences. Then, your clothes are immediately removed from the dryers to ensure a wrinkle-free look. Finally, your clothes are folded, neatly stacked, wrapped, and put into your personalized Sheldon Wash bag. We will also match and fold your socks for you, so all you have to do is put them away!

Pricing & Bag Size

Whether you have a small, personal laundry load or a family-size amount of laundry to do, we have you covered with three convenient options.

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