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dry cleaning done right

Sheldon Cleaners is proud to offer West Michigan’s most environmentally responsible dry cleaning.

Our exclusive Ecotouch System™ uses a green, eco-friendly, biodegradable solvent that eliminates the harsh environmental effects of traditional dry cleaning. Ecotouch is a replacement for perchloroethylene (PERC), a synthetic solvent still used by 85% of dry cleaners. PERC is classified as a hazardous waste that can pollute the air and drinking water, and is also considered a toxin. PERC can harm the human brain and central nervous system, damage to the liver and kidneys, and even cause cancer.


In contrast, Ecotouch is safe for both the environment and our customers, yet there’s no compromise on cleaning power. Ecotouch delivers the same impeccable cleaning results Sheldon customers have relied on for more than 70 years.

Odor-Free Ecotouch System uses an odorless cleaning solvent. You'll notice right away that your clothes and bedding smell fresher and cleaner than before.

Gentle on Clothes Ecotouch System™ is less abrasive than PERC so it’s easier on your fabrics, preserving their lifespan. It also helps prevent wrinkles and eliminates lint and static on fabrics.

Energy Efficient Ecotouch System™ uses special machines that consume less energy than traditional dry cleaning machines.









A Tradition of Clean and Commitment to Green

There's no clean like a Sheldon clean for generations of West Michigan families – as years of "Best Dry Cleaner" awards from local publications will attest. We're the first to implement new dry cleaning and laundry technologies, continually researching to ways  to deliver even more efficiency, reliability and value. Sheldon is West Michigan's first organic dry cleaner.

Our Laundry Room Cafe, located in Kentwood, features high-speed washers and dryers that minimize water and energy use - continuing our commitment to using eco-friendly ways to clean your clothes.

We know that you care about the planet, the future, and the environment, and so do we. That's why you should choose West Michigan's first organic dry cleaner.


Get a green clean with Ecotouch System™ – only at Sheldon Cleaners.

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