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Locally & Family Owned

Since 1949, Sheldon Cleaners has been West Michigan’s premier dry cleaning and laundry service. Founded by George Cares, the first store was opened at 114 Sheldon Boulevard in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Within two years, the second Sheldon Cleaners location went up at the corner of Leonard and Monroe, with another on West Fulton following shortly after.


Today, Paul and Louie Cares are proud to carry on the legacy of their father. ​Some of Paul and Louie’s best memories as kids are helping their dad around the shop, putting hanger guards on wire hangers, and modeling rental tuxedos. They always knew they would grow up to be a part of Sheldon.


​We are proud to own more than a dozen locations that employ over one hundred West Michigan residents. Even with the company’s growth, we have been careful to stay focused on the values that George founded Sheldon Cleaners on: honesty, integrity, and the best service money can buy.







A Tradition of Clean and Commitment to Green

There's no clean like a Sheldon clean for generations of West Michigan families—as years of "Best Dry Cleaner" awards from local publications will attest. We're the first to implement new dry cleaning and laundry technologies, and we always seek to deliver greater efficiency, reliability, and value. This includes Sheldon Cleaners becoming West Michigan's first organic dry cleaner.

Our Ecotouch System™ uses an all organic, PERC free, biodegradable solvent, that is easy on the environment and our customers. Plus, our Laundry Room utilizes high-speed washers and dryers that minimize water and energy use.

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