Our family has been serving yours since 1949.

For more than 68 years, Sheldon Cleaners has been West Michigan’s premier dry cleaner and laundry.

Our father, George Cares, opened his first store at 114 Sheldon Boulevard—a main thoroughfare for downtown-bound traffic—in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  As the city grew, so did we. Within two years, our second Sheldon Cleaners location went up at the corner of Leonard and Monroe, and another on West Fulton followed.

Some of our best memories as kids are of helping our dad around the shop, putting hanger guards on wire hangers and modeling rental tuxedos. We always knew we’d grow up to be a part of Sheldon Cleaners.

Today, those first few locations have given way to 28 and home pickup & delivery in the Grand Rapids and Holland area, and we employ over 200 people across West Michigan. Despite our growth, we’ve been careful to keep our focus on the values our father founded Sheldon Cleaners on... 

honesty, integrity, and the best service money can buy.