Employee Policies

Attendance Policy

We have a "6 month point system" for tracking call-ins and tardiness. There will be consequences and disciplinary actions

taken once employees hit a certain threshold.

6 month point system - after 6 months the point(s) will fall off

Point Chart:

  • 16 Points                  - Written warning or termination

  • 16 Points                  - No Call / No Show

  • 8 Points                    - Call-in (0-1 hour prior to scheduled shift)

  • 4 Points                    - Call-in (1+ hour prior to scheduled shift)

  • 4 Points                    - Late (30+ minutes)

  • 2 Points                    - Late (15-29 minutes)

  • 1 Point                     - Late (5-14 minutes)

  • 1/2 Point                  - Late (0-4 minutes)

Please remember to punch in at the start of your shift and at the end of your shift. No one is allowed to do it for you. You may punch in as early as 5 minutes before your shift and should punch out at the end of your shift. You may stay up to 15 minutes after your shift, only when necessary (finishing order, bank etc). If you choose to clock in.out outside of these parameters please know that you will not be paid for this time unless approved by your manager.



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