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Our home pickup and delivery service is currently available to residents residing in downtown GR, East Grand Rapids, Cascade, Ada, and Holland & the surrounding areas. Sign up here.

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Grand Rapids Delivery Service Area - Delivery Monday/Thursday

Grand Rapids service area

Holland Area - Delivery Monday/Thursday

Holland service area

Kalamazoo Area - Delivery Tuesday/Friday

K-Zoo service area

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?
We offer a variety of different services for cleaning. Outside of your typical dry cleaning items, we also clean wedding dresses, bedding, pillow shams, linens, car mats and more. We also offer wash and fold for all of your laundry needs.
Can you pick up my dry cleaning even if I am not home?
Yes! Just leave it on your front step and we will grab it. We also provide you with an "over the door" hook, for free, to ensure your clean clothes are protected.
Is there a minimum order size?
No, we have no minimum requirement at all. Our service was designed to be used frequently, so smaller orders are most common. Once you get in the habit of sending out something once or twice a week, you'll always have a closet of clean clothes!
What if I don't need dry cleaning or wash and fold twice a week?
You use us, only when you need us. We do ask that you try to utilize the service at least once a month. However, since we are servicing your entire neighborhood, it's no inconvenience for us to stop and check your doorstep.
What if it rains?
We deliver your clothes in protective covers, so rainy days are usually not a problem! We aim to hang your clothes under some sort of overhang, but if you don't have one, we can hold your items until the next delievery day as well. However, if the weather is severe, we will hold your order until your next scheduled delivery day. You can also choose an alternative delivery spot such as a garage or back porch where we can deliver in inclement weather.
How do I pay?
You will provide us with your credit card information and we will bill you automatically.
Is there an extra charge for the service or a monthly fee?
No, we have no hidden fees! You simply pay for the cleaning charge of each garment.
Do you do minor repairs?
Yes, we can replace buttons, sew seams, and mend fallen hems. However, we do not offer full alterations.